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Breach of Leases

The most common breach of lease which a commercial landlord faces is non-payment of rent. There are, however, other breaches of the lease covenants, which can have equally serious consequences if left unaddressed by the landlord, such as dilapidations or putting up of a sign or advertisement. Such breaches can. for example, mean that the landlord has to spend significant funds to bring the premises to the state of repair or face an action by the local authority for breaching the planning laws and regulations.

We provide practical advice to landlords on their rights and options when dealing with breaches of the lease covenants by the tenants. We can act as negotiators and also have significant expertise in taking matters through the court process, if required. We can also act for tenants facing such claims.

There are often situations where the tenant’s breach is a direct response to the landlord’s own breach of the lease. We are experienced in representing tenants in those circumstances. We adopt a practical approach to the advice we give to our clients. Our strong dispute resolution team is experienced in acting for the clients at the pre-action stage and during the court proceedings.


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