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Lease renewal proceedings

When the lease renewal process has been initiated by either a landlord serving a Section 25 Notice or by a tenant serving a Section 26 Notice but the parties cannot reach an agreement on the terms of the new lease, either party can apply to court for an order for the grant of a new tenancy.

The court procedure which has to be used for this purpose will depend on whether the lease renewal is opposed or unopposed by the landlord. In any event, such applications must be made by the end of “the statutory period”, which is determined by whether the lease renewal process has been initiated by the landlord or by the tenant and, accordingly, can either be:

  • the date of termination specified in the landlord’s section 25 notice; or
  • the date of commencement specified in the tenant’s section 26 notice.

If you are a commercial landlord or a tenant, we can expertly lead you through the complex lease renewal process to ensure that your interests are protected.


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