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Section 25 and 26 notices

Commercial tenancies, which are protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (“LTA 1954”) do not terminate automatically at the end of the contractual term. Instead, parties to the lease has to take prescribed statutory steps if they wish to terminate the existing lease or renew it for a new contractual term (as the case may be).

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant we can review your lease and advise you if a tenancy is a protected tenancy under the LTA 1954 and on your rights and options in respect of the lease renewal and termination. We would tailor a strategy to your individual needs to achieve a desired outcome.

Preparation and service of section 25 and section 26 notices is an important first step in this process and there are important time limits. If the notice is held invalid, this may jeopardise the tenant’s right to a new lease or affect the landlord’s interests. Therefore, if you are a commercial landlord or tenant and require advice in this area of law, our experienced dispute resolution team can assist you.

We can prepare and serve a Section 26 Notice on behalf of tenants who wish to initiate a lease renewal.

We also act on behalf of landlords and can prepare and serve a Section 25 Notice to initiate a lease renewal or to terminate the existing tenancy. We can also prepare and serve a counter-notice to a Section 26 Notice if the landlord opposes the lease renewal.


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